30 março, 2017

China Contemporary Art. Today and Beyond

Li, Zhao - China Contemporary Art. Today and Beyond. Cypi Press, United Kingdon, 2010. In-4.º gr de 361-II págs. Encadernação editorial com sobrecapa. Profusamente ilustrado com 550 imagens. [China Contemporary Artpresents art through individual artists. It is comprised of two sections. The first introduces Chinese artists who already enjoy a certain level of influence and success in the international contemporary art scene, presenting their most recent works, ideas, and practices. The second section selects the twelve most independent and unique young artists in China, presenting their diverse and innovative techniques and artworks. Through this book, the reader will gain a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in Chinese contemporary art, and will soon be able to form their own judgments about its future possibilities]. Exemplar como novo.
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